Installation of GDCM on ubuntu 10.10

Installation of the GDCM libraries for reading DICOM files directly to VTK.

  • download GDCM source and unzip
  • create GDCMBuild directory
  • cd to GDCMBuild directory
  • open cmake GUI and set sources to GDCM and build directory to GDCMBuild (or command line type cmake ../VTK)
  • make changes either in cmake GUI or to CMakeCache.txt to check GDCM_BUILD_SHARED_LIBS and GDCM_USE_VTK
  • call cmake again or hit configure
  • open terminal and navigate to GDCMBuild directory
  • run commands ‘make’ and then sudo ‘make install’
  • this moves all headers to /usr/local/include/gdcm-X.X/ and all ‘.so’ files to /usr/local/lib/gdcm-X.X/ (you may need to check to see if they are in the correct directories. For some reason my .so files were placed outside the gdcm-X.X directory)

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