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This a spoof of the blaxploitation films of the 1970's. This is the first film written, directed by, and starring Keenen Ivory Wayans. Jack Spade is an Army secretary who returns home to find out that his brother, Junebug has died of an O.G. (Over Gold). Jack gathers up an army of some local neighborhood hero's (Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas, Steve James, Isaac Hayes, and Jim Brown) to help him fight and defeat Mr. Big, the crime lord responsible for his brother's death. The film has tons of grade A brothers, Kung Fu Joe, Spade, Slade, Hammer but the most outlandish these has to be "Flyguy". His pinnacle is when he recites "Bitch Better Have My Money" at the "Pimp of the Year" contest.

flyguy.jpg - the man

The name of this piece is called,
"My bitch better have my money"

She'd better have my money,
Through rain, sleet, or snow,
my ho better have my money.

Not half, not some,
but all my cash.

Because if she don't,
I'll put my foot dead in her ass.

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