A little about me

Name: William David Lacey, (Susan Amy)
DOB: 11th of August
Gender: Orientation:
TV: Game of Thrones, 24, Supernatural, True Blood, Doctor Who, The Newsroom, Once upon a Time, Sherlock
Music: Anything and everything
Likes: Things that make you go ooh.
Dislikes: Things that make you go boo.
Hobbies: Writing, Programming, Singing

Welcome to my me-page, where I briefly describe who I am. But can a person really know themselves? Yep...... pretty much. I like figuring things out, and thinking about the universe. Why are we here? How are we here? When will the robots take over? I like compiling new statistics. and displaying these in graphically unique ways. I like movies and TV. I like dresses and skirts. I like music and writing. I like many types of sports, and many types of heels. Just like everyone else!