FreeBSD 5.3 on Sony Vaio PCG-Z600RE

Sony Vaio PCG Z600RE laptop

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I bought this second-hand laptop for my University work, as I didn't want to use computers in computer labs. Its not exactly a power-hourse, but its not far behind from 1000 Euro price range laptops, in the shops. I had no plan to do anything CPU intensive or play computer games, the laptop was just perfect for me.

The laptop case is made from magnesium alloy, so it is very rigid and light (I can pick up the laptop with 2 fingers).

The laptop's battery is reasonable good, it usually lasts 2 hours on FreeBSD. I'm sure I can get out more on Windows. (There is a BIOS setting to set CPU speed to automatic. If I enable it, and boot into Windows, the CPU speed is at around 150Mhz. So that should increase the laptop usage time say somewhere from 30 min to an hour).



The laptop came with wiped hard disk (Yay!), I quickly installed Microsoft Windows XP at the beginning of the hard disk, on a 8GB partition/slice. Just in case I might need the space for some University work.

Then I quickly installed FreeBSD 5.3 off CD. There were no problems with installation. Just go to the BIOS by pressing <F2>, select "Boot" menu, and move "ATPI CD-ROM Drive" to the top of the list. Boot FreeBSD CD and install it.

What Works

What Doesn't Work/Not tested


The laptop is well supported by FreeBSD, and most things work fine. And I'm very happy with it.


Few pictures of the laptop can be found here.

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