Late One Saturday Nite...

Big hug and thanks to Peig for loaning me these pictures to scan in.

Peig and Spock

Awww, Look at Superfly and Vixen

Poor Moki is entrapped by Hyper's sideburns

Peig sees a little too much tongue from kod

Andy bites down as Lecter settles down.

Spock drapes himself over Plop

Wishkah and Hms, such a pleasant couple...

Hmmm, Shane seems interested...

Hehehe, they're definitly interested!

Pooka seems to be plotting something beside kod

Wibble and Pooka exchange beard rash tips...

Pooka can hold back his passion for Soma no longer

Don't Rug and Barkerj look so nice together... Errr

Moki handcuffs herself to Andy

Soma knows how to keep a girl awake and interested

Exhibit A: The Pooka

Kod, Superfly, Vixen, and Uranus

Looks like Rug spent too long talking to John

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